Pizza is the new black

Una Chef , un fotógrafo, color, sabor y el estudio de diseño parisino Black Pizza dan vida al proyecto «Pizza is the new black».

En la actualidad se pueden encontrar todo tipo de pizzas de lujosos ingredientes, pero lo que acá nos presentan es algo totalmente distinto. «Pink Lady», «WTF» o «Coin coin» son pizzas con ingredientes como bálsamo de tigre, palillos chinos e incluso lapiz labial.

2500x1536-pizza2Coin coin: Soy beans, cape gooseberry, lemon, bananas, Mirabelle plum, banana purée, pineapple, snapdragon flower


Pong: Crab, scallops, salmon sashimi, muscles, pink prawns, salmon eggs, ping-pong ball


Hot Chinese: Goji berries, Litchi, Orchid flower, Chilli, Tiger balm, Chopsticks, Dried dates, Goldfish

2500x1536-pizza3Pink Lady: Coulis, raspberries, French strawberry gum Tagada Pink, radish, snapdragon flower, Malabar, nail varnish, pink lipstick, glossy case

2500x1536-pizza11WTF: Red cabbage, beetroot, blueberries, beetroot shoots, Finger monster

2500x1536-pizza6Acid: glitter, Dummy, Smurf, toothpaste, Dragibus, small elastic bands, Lindt chocolates

2500x1536-pizza5Bio: AB organic certified label, Cactus, rocket, peas, mint, green beans, pea shoots and shiso, cress

2500x1536-pizza4Brown Sugar: Chocolate, walnuts and hazelnuts, mini-chocolate cake, star anise, cinnamon, linseeds, coffee beans, Westers Original

2500x1536-pizza8Dark Moon: Black rice, balsamic cream and jelly, capelin roe, black mushroom, blueberries, blackberries, coarse-ground black pepper, seaweed

2500x1536-pizza9Concarneau: Fishing net, hooks, oysters, sardine, black mushroom, muscles, bolts, black pepper

2500x1536-pizza7White Myst: Button mushrooms, Hesperia flower, fennel, coconut, endive leaves, enoki, sesame, sugar, child’s hand

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