«Fan Club Putin»: idolatría pop al presidente ruso

El fotógrafo húngaro Bela Doka en su serie «Fan Club Putin» retrata a un grupo de jóvenes universitarios rusos y su devoción por el presidente del país.

Tal como un rock star, o un deportista famoso, Putin es una personalidad amada en su país y lo han llegado a convertir en un ícono pop estampado en camisetas y decorando las paredes de sus habitaciones.

Doka estuvo en Rusia en 2007 para trabajar en una historia sobre un desaparecido movimiento político de jóvenes pro-Putin. A los pocos días de trabajo se enteraron de la existencia de un fan club del actual mandamás ruso el cual da origen a este trabajo.

Alina,  "For me Putin is the president who has led our country out of the crisis and raised us to a new level. When I joined the fan club I wanted to be active. I have a Russian flag with Putin hanging on the wall above my desk in my room. Every day I look for publications in the press, in the internet, I learn from newspapers about what is going on in his political and personal life. I have a poster with his portrait hanging near my bed. I also own a few t-shirts with Putin's portrait, as well as postcards and stickers. I consider myself a patriot."

Putin1.jpg.CROP.original-original (1)

Tanya Arkhipova,  I have two t-shirts, one for the protest at the Georgian Embassy with Bush and Saakashvili's portraits and words «All of them are puppets in crafty hands», a sweatshirt saying «I want to see… for the third term», a pin, a flag, a screensaver, many different postcards with his portrait.  I like how Putin treats his children and wife, I think he's a great husband. He made people respect Russia, I can tell by my parents. Life is more stable, the pensions and allowances are rising, there's development.  "

Yulia Minazhetdinova, Russian State Social University. When I entered unviversity I met Igor and he invited me to the events, he said it was interesting and every event was different. I really like Vladimir Vladimirovich, he comes across as nice. I'm grateful to him that he ended the war in Chechnya, that's the most important thing. We paid the largest part of the external debt. He raised pensions and social allowances. The city became better and it's his achievement. I have many things with his image: pins, several t-shirts, a screensaver. My fascination with VV helps me understand politics better, for example, after the fan club's protest at the Georgian embassy I understood what relationship we have with Georgia and why we have a conflict. My parents are against my hobby, they say I don't understand politics but I don't think so. Putin is my hero, he inspires me, adds scence to my actions, I want to aspire to him.

Yulya Pipilova, I have five different t-shirts with Putin's portrait, several kinds of postcards with VV on them: we design them and print them for everyone. The aim of our last action was to show that we weren't happy that VV didn't want to change the constitution and stay for the third term. I want a husband who'd be like Vladimir Vladimirovich ."

Yulya Nikolaeva   My boyfriend Kirill brought me to the club. I like VV and it's interesting to watch his actions. I can only say the best about him, he's done so much for the country like no other president, Russia has resurrected with him and has risen to a new level. A lot of attention is paid to culture and it's very important. I'm very interested in details of the president's private and political life, I like reading books and watching the news about him."

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